1. Tips to Be Grateful This Holiday Season dexter's smoothie coffee shop norwich

    Tips to Be Grateful This Holiday Season

    It's probably safe to say that 2020 has been a challenging year for almost everyone. From being stuck at home to perhaps facing a furlough or a job change, this year has not been what anyone expected. Yet, we're still here, making the most of each and every day, and moving forward with our lives the…Read More

  2. What to Look for in a Local Coffee Shop dexter's smoothie coffee vault in norwich

    What to Look for in a Local Coffee Shop

    For most people, the day just doesn't start out right unless there's coffee involved. Whether you make coffee at home or you grab coffee on your way to work, coffee makes our days brighter and makes the day a bit easier to get through, especially Mondays. Dexter's Smoothie Coffee Vault is a local co…Read More

  3. dexter's smoothie coffee vault norwich, ct

    Welcome to Dexter’s Smoothie Coffee Vault!

    Welcome to Dexter's Smoothie Coffee Vault! We are a local coffee and smoothie shop located in Norwich, CT. Our mission is to bring you the best coffee, smoothies, and hot chocolate using only locally-sourced ingredients for the smoothest, freshest taste imaginable. If you've ever had coffee from a c…Read More