History of Coffee dexters coffee smoothie shop

Coffee is the most popular drink in America. Worldwide, almost 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, and it is the second most valuable commodity behind oil traded on the market today. Let’s face it, many of us would not easily get out of bed in the morning if we weren’t greeted by a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Dexter’s Coffee Smoothie Vault in Norwich brews only healthy gourmet coffee locally sourced from Craftsmans Cliff Roasters, which is less than two miles up the road from our local coffee shop. We understand that you want exceptional quality and flavor, and Craftsman delivers every time. In addition, we offer espresso drinks as well if you need a bit of a stronger pick-me-up. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the origins of this delectable beverage, and we invite you to stop into our local coffee place for a cup of coffee today!


There are many stories and lore surrounding the discovery and beginnings of coffee. However, the earliest proven evidence of the existence of coffee as a drink as we know it dates back to the 15th century in modern-day Yemen. Here, coffee seeds were roasted and brewed similar to today’s preparation methods and enjoyed. The coffee beans came from Ethiopia. In little more than 100 years, the incredibly-tasty drink has spread to Arabia, up through North Africa, and made its way to Europe. For a while, the Middle East and Africa cornered the market on the production of coffee, ensuring they controlled the distribution of coffee beans by sterilizing the seeds so they could not grow elsewhere. However, a man named Baba Budan from Yemen smuggled out some coffee beans and took them to India during the 16th century.

Pope Clement VIII declared coffee an acceptable beverage for Christians in 1600, paving the way for the first coffee house to open in Rome in 1645. The Dutch East India Company first imported coffee on a massive scale, and the British East India Company helped make coffee popular in England beginning in the mid-17th century. Of course, once it made its way to England, it came to America in Colonial times and with the Boston Tea Party in 1773, many Americans gave up tea for coffee. You can say that the rest is history. The Civil War fueled Americans’ desire for the beverage as soldiers used the caffeine to help give them energy during their long days at battle. Capitalism soon took over, as entrepreneurs, such as James Folger, began to sell coffee en masse. It almost seemed inevitable that coffee consumption would spread as did our nation.


Today, coffee is part of our culture. We hold business meetings at local coffee shops, and we meet our friends there. We even hold first dates at coffee shops. Incredible novels are written there, and many a business is born there. Coffee has become an ingredient in many popular drinks and food items, such as coffee cake, coffee ice cream, and Irish Coffee. In some cases, coffee supports an entire nation’s economy, such as Colombia or Brazil. Coffee is most definitely a staple in American life and one that looks to not leave any time soon.


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Dexter’s Coffee Smoothie Vault’s mission is to offer up the best gourmet coffee to get you moving, whether you are headed to work, have a long day working from home, or you just need an afternoon pick-me-up. Our friendly baristas are here to make your gourmet coffee to order. Stop by our Norwich coffee shop, or order online today!