What to Look for in a Local Coffee Shop dexter's smoothie coffee vault in norwich

For most people, the day just doesn’t start out right unless there’s coffee involved. Whether you make coffee at home or you grab coffee on your way to work, coffee makes our days brighter and makes the day a bit easier to get through, especially Mondays.

Dexter’s Smoothie Coffee Vault is a local coffee shop in Norwich that specializes in hot chocolate, meal replacement smoothies, and all things coffee. We also offer a host of baked goods to go with our drinks. Choose from our cold brew and espresso offerings to our super smoothies and our hot teas. There are so many options, all of which can be made to order, that the hard part will be deciding what you want! We understand that you have a lot of choices when it comes to local coffee shops, which is why we put together tips on what to look for when you’re choosing a local coffee place. Stop by our Norwich coffee shop, or order online today!



Perhaps the most important tip for choosing a local coffee shop is selection. Does the shop have what you like to drink? For example, if you drink Chai lattes and the coffee shop doesn’t offer that, you should go somewhere else. If you are looking for a certain type of pastry to go with your coffee, you’ll want to choose the coffee shop that offers that pastry item. Many people make the mistake of not looking at the coffee menu ahead of time and then ordering a drink that they don’t particularly care for. The result is that you either choke the coffee down or you end up wasting it. Let’s face it, speciality coffee isn’t cheap so you want to enjoy your indulgence.

Dexter’s Smoothie Coffee Vault in Norwich does our very best to offer something for everyone. We understand that not everyone loves coffee, which is why we offer a variety of wholesome smoothies made from locally-sourced ingredients instead. We also offer teas, seasonal drinks, and hot chocolate. In addition, we have a kids’ menu as well. We also allow you to personalize your drinks, adding in extra espresso shots, using the type of milk you prefer, and adding in flavor shots as well. You can view our coffee place’s entire menu online today!

Customer Experience

Many people choose a local coffee shop because of the customer experience. By this we mean the all important vibe you get when you walk through the door of the coffee shop or go through the drive up. For example, if it’s 6 AM and you have a long day of the daily grind ahead, you may not want to visit the coffee shop that has loud music playing from the 90s and baristas who only want to ask you about your upcoming day. Perhaps instead you want to choose the coffee shop down the road with soft music and baristas who understand that you are not awake yet so you don’t want to chit-chat. That being said, you’re looking for the fine line of feeling important as a customer but not feeling like it’s fake.

At Dexter’s Smoothie Coffee Vault, your local coffee shop of choice in Norwich, we believe we’ve mastered the customer experience. Our baristas are friendly, but not over-the-top friendly to the point of asking you annoying questions. Your drink is made promptly just how you like it, and the music is extremely tasteful, supportive, and soothing. Our mission is to brighten your day with more smiles than words. Choose us as your local coffee shop today!

Highest-Quality Product

Gourmet and specialty coffee are not cheap. You can spend a pretty penny when you decide to take the whole family out for coffee on the weekends — akin to the price of a whole meal. You want to feel that the coffee, smoothie, or hot chocolate item that you ordered not only tastes delicious, but also is worth the price you paid. You want to ensure that your coffee is made from freshly-roasted beans, that your slice of banana bread is not taken out of a package and warmed up, having been made weeks ago, and that your smoothie is not made from frozen berries. You want the best ingredients at fair prices.

Dexter’s Smoothie Coffee Vault in Norwich only uses locally-sourced ingredients in all of our products. Our coffee is from Craftsman Cliff Roasters, which is a local coffee company right down the street that specializes in organic and fair trade coffee products. Our milk comes from Woodstock Creamery, less than an hour away, making our milk products extremely fresh. Our bakery products are made locally, and our smoothies are made from local ingredients as close to the farm as possible. We understand that you care about what you put into your body, which is why we do our very best to use the highest-quality products available.


Dexter’s Smoothie Coffee Vault offers the highest-quality coffee, smoothies, and hot chocolate with the best customer service experience. We ensure you have a lot to choose from, so you can find a drink you enjoy. We are a walk-up and a drive-up only local coffee shop, offering you places to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful Connecticut skies. You can meet friends and catch up on life’s happenings. In addition, we offer an order ahead option, which is great in the mornings when you just want to be able to grab and go. This feature can save you a lot of time and ensure you are not late to work.

Our friendly staff is passionate about serving you the best drinks that are made-to-order using only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that will assure you of where your drink’s ingredients come from. We are honored that you chose our local coffee shop for your cherished first cup of coffee in the morning or your meal replacement smoothie. We hope you continue to choose us first. Visit us today!