When you think about it, hot chocolate is such a simple creation. After all, it’s just chocolate and milk combined with maybe some sugar added to give it some “umph.” But did you know that it was the Mayans who invented drinking hot chocolate? They took cocoa seeds, which grow naturally in Central and South America, and combined them with water, cornmeal, and chili peppers to give it some spice. For the most part, the Mayans would heat this drink up, but then let it cool in order to drink it.

Cortez brought cocoa beans and the drink back to Europe where it was picked up by King Charles V of Spain. As you know, what royalty does, the upper class emulate, so hot cocoa spread amongst the nobles. They took out the chili and began to drink it exclusively hot. After the secret got out, it spread like wildfire, with chocolate houses opening in London in the 1700s. When Hans Sloane mixed chocolate with milk, hot chocolate as we know it was born.

Dexter’s Smoothie & Coffee Vault has taken hot chocolate and made it our own. With the freshest ingredients and a smooth taste, our hot chocolate will have you craving more. Stop by, and order today!


Locally-Sourced Ingredients

There is something inherently satisfying in knowing where your food comes from. One hundred years ago, you knew exactly where your food came from because you grew it yourself. With the modern age, most of us get the majority of our food from a grocery store with no idea where it was grown and what processes it went through before it made it to our kitchen tables. With locally-sourced ingredients, you can stop by our suppliers and see for yourself exactly where your milk and coffee come from and how it is produced. Not only is this fascinating (and a great learning lesson for your kids), but it also offers peace of mind.

Conveniently Located

In today’s world, the more convenient something is, the more likely we are to partake it in. This is because most of us lead incredibly busy lives, from shuttling kids to and fro to juggling our own careers and hobbies. Dexter’s Smoothie & Coffee Vault is conveniently located in Norwich, close to major highways and roads. You can walk up to our walk-up window to order, or order ahead, and your drink will be waiting for you when you arrive. We understand the morning rush, and if you are running late, you just need to grab your coffee, smoothie, or hot chocolate and go!

Over-the-Top Good

At Dexter’s Smoothie & Coffee Vault, we aim to ensure all of our drinks and food offerings are incredibly delicious and satisfying, in addition to being healthy. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice taste to be healthy, and our drinks are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating palates. Whether you are looking for a meal replacement smoothie or a cup of Joe to get you through the morning, our delectable drinks are divine.


As always, you can expect an amazing customer experience when you order from Dexter’s Smoothie & Coffee Vault in Norwich. We are truly happy to serve you and help you have a great start to your day with our wide selection from our coffee bar, smoothie bar, and hot chocolate bar. Our local coffee shop believes in service with a smile every time. From our locally-sourced ingredients, our exceptional taste, our great location, and our amazing customer care, you can rest assured that at Dexter’s, you’ll find exactly what you need. Stop by today!